making a snowman

It’s nearly Christmas and lots of people are decorating their _____________. You might like to make a brilliant decoration like this for your house. It’s a _________ and it’s made from ___________.

Now to start you’ll need to make the ______, so take a white sock just like this and then ask your grown-up to cut it in half across the heel and it will look like this.

To weigh my snowman down, I’m going to pour some uncooked _____ into the toes. Here we go! I need to make a _________ for the snowman, so I’m going to use some cotton wool and if I pop this inside … there’s his tummy. And now I need to make a ______, so a smaller circle for the head. I’ll just pop the cotton wool in.

Once his head’s finished, you’ll need to seal the top by using an _______ band. And this bit’s a little bit tricky, so ask a grown-up to help you, and once you’ve done that, it will look like this. Our ____________ is really starting to take shape!

Take a colourful ______ and this will make the hat and the _____. Ask your grown-up to cut two pieces, so you have the hat and the scarf, and put a long cut up the middle of the _______, so it’s long enough to tie around your snowman.

So I’m going to use this piece for the hat. Here we go. Let’s pop that on, just like that, and if I curl it up … brilliant! And this piece for the _______. There we go, Mr Snowman! I’ll just tie this up for you.

It’s time to bring our snowman to life! I’m going to use a black felt-tip pen to give our snowman some _______. Here we go. There’s one eye and here is his second. Great! And now I can use an _________ felt-tip pen to give him a carrot ______. OK. Let’s start with a line there … woop! [whistles] There he is, and you could even add some coal buttons. You could make a whole ___________.




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