a day at school ( elementary)



Randall: Hello. Today I’m interviewing Joshua on his experiences going to a Japanese school. Now Joshua, ________ _________ do you go to school?

Joshua: Eight O’clock.

Randall: Eight O’clock. And do you go by yourself, or on a __________ ________?

Joshua: No, I have a _________ that goes with me.

Randall: So you go with a _________?

Joshua: Uh-huh.

Randall: Now what kinds of things do you _______ to school?

Joshua: I take my taiso fuku, that is gym clothes, and I take my ____________ and my books [ Oh, okay. ] and stuff like that.

Randall: Okay and what is the ________ thing you do when you get to school?

Joshua: We do “kiritsu, rei.”

Randall: “Kiritsu” and “rei.” Now what are those?

Joshua: It means “______________, bow.”

Randall: ____________ and bow.

Joshua: Uh-huh.

Randall: And what do you _____________ at school?

Joshua: We study kokugo, that is writing and reading and stuff like that [ Okay], and sansu, that’s math. [ Okay. ]. And, let’s see . . . , we do gym too.

Randall: Okay, and where do you ______ _________? Do you have a lunchroom or cafeteria?

Joshua: No, we eat in our _____________.

Randall: You eat in your classroom! [ Yeah. ]. Oh wow. That is very interesting. Now what time do you ________ __________ from school?

Joshua: We come home sometimes at ________ and sometimes at ______.

Randall: Okay, well thank you very much Joshua.

Joshua: You’re ________.




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