Listening B1 advice for exams

Morning, everyone. Quiet, please. OK, I’m going to give you some __________to help you prepare for the exams _______ _____. So make notes as I’m talking. Are you _______?
While you are studying, eat food that gives you ________. Don’t be tempted to eat sweets or drink cola. Sugar won’t help you study but ________ and ________will. Apples are especially good.
Find a comfortable place with plenty of _______ when you study. But not ‘too’ comfortable or you’ll fall _________!
Try and keep a positive mind. It is easier to study when you are positive and ____________. If you start feeling anxious, have a _________. Go out for a stroll around the block.
Don’t try to learn everything. There isn’t time. Choose the ‘important’ things, the things that will get you most _____________ in an exam. If you aren’t sure about this, ask me.
First learn the _____________ ideas and don’t worry too much about the _____________. If you have time, you can come back later and read the details.
Make notes of these _____ _______and read them, then cover them up and try to remember all the points. It might be __________, but repetition helps you to remember.
Use past exam papers to study. They will help you ______________ what kind of questions come up. There are plenty of past exam papers in the ____________. You can photocopy them and take them home.
Take regular _____________while you are studying. A five-minute _________ every half hour is usually enough. Get some fresh air and stretch your _________ and _______. Drink a glass of water too. It’s important to ________ hydrated.
And, last but not least, good luck! I’m sure you will all do ______ _______.



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