Nivel A2 Learn English British Council


ammy: Hi!
Julia: Hi. You’re __________
Sammy: Sorry.
Julia: OK, OK. You want to ________ about …
Sammy: Tonight.
Julia: Tonight? The ____________?
Sammy: Yes. Well, no …
Julia: No?
Sammy: We’re not _____________________the cinema tonight. We are going to Tony’s for _________________
Julia: Erm, Tony? ______ is Tony?
Sammy: Ah, Tony. He’s an old _____________ from school. He lives here now. They want us to _______them for dinner tonight.
Julia: They?
Sammy: Yes. Tony and his wife Kate.
Julia: But I don’t know them! I …
Sammy: Don’t worry! Tony’s a great guy and Kate’s ________________.
Julia: Do they live in the _______ centre?
Sammy: Yes, they do.
Julia: Where _________ Tony work?
Sammy: He __________work.
Julia: Oh! He ________ work. What about Kate?
Sammy: She __________, either.
Julia: What do ____________do all day?
Sammy: Lots of things. Tony reads.
Julia: What does he _______?
Sammy: Lots of things. Like history!
Julia: Hmm. Interesting. … Does Tony do any __________?
Sammy: Sports? Yes, he goes ___________.
Julia: Fishing?!
Sammy: Yeah.
Julia: And Kate? Does she go _____________?
Sammy: No, she doesn’t. She ____________ goes out a lot. She’s busy.
Julia: Where _______ she go?
Sammy: To clubs.
Julia: ____________ she go to these clubs alone?
Sammy: Erm … well, yes. Well, yes, I think so.
Julia: Erm … I don’t know …
Sammy: Julia, what’s the matter? Tony and Kate are ____________people. I want you to meet them. And they want to meet you. Kate is a __________ cook. Her grandchildren …
Julia: Her grandchildren?! How _____is she?
Sammy: 65 … 68.
Julia: And Tony? How _____ is Tony?
Sammy: Erm … A little bit _________. About 70.
Julia: You said Tony is a friend from school.
Sammy: He is. Tony’s my old science ____________. He’s now retired.
Julia: And what about Kate? ______________ she really go to clubs?
Sammy: Yeah! She goes to walking club, book club …
Julia: Sammy, you don’t explain things very well.
Sammy: Julia, it’s not my fault! You never give me the chance! Oh my, I just …
Julia: OK. So __________________ is this meal tonight?
Sammy: Seven?



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