Listening nivel B1

Complete the gaps

Rose: I’d love to go abroad on holiday next spring. What _____ you _____?
Jack: I’m not sure. When were you thinking? In _________?
Rose: Maybe. We have two days ______ work for our national ________. We could take off another three days and go for a _________. We could even go for two!
Jack: No, not two. If I take all my holiday in April, I _________be able to take a holiday in the summer.
Rose: Okay.  One, then.
Jack: Where would you like to _____?
Rose: Well, I looked at flights.  There aren’t any flights to Greece until ________, unfortunately. I’d like to go there. But we can fly to Spain quite _______.
Jack: That would be nice.  Where would we _______? In a hotel?
Rose: I’m not sure. I don’t really like staying in hotels. But we could ______ a cottage.
Jack: I don’t mind either. Is a cottage cheaper than a hotel?
Rose: It’s about the same.  But I prefer staying in cottages.  It’s more ___________, and we can cook for ourselves.
Jack: Okay, well, that’s fine by me.
Rose: The problem is transport. You can get to the hotels easily from the _________. They are all in the town centre, and buses go there all the time. But the cottages are further away. We’d need to _________ a car.
Jack: That’s fine. I don’t mind doing that. Why don’t you pick out a few cottages, and we’ll choose one?
Rose: I’ve done that already.  I’ll show you ____________________.  There’s this one – it’s actually an apartment. It’s inside an old palace in this beautiful historic village in the mountains. Isn’t it _____________?
Jack: It’s quite expensive though. And it has 3 bedrooms. We don’t need that many.
Rose: I suppose not.  Okay, what about this one?  It’s up in the hills. Very quiet and peaceful.  It has a lovely view, look. And it’s not too _____________.
Jack: That looks nice.  It’s quite far from the town, but I don’t mind that.
Rose: Nor me. Or there’s this one.  It’s a town house. It’s big and it looks ________ inside.
Jack: Does it have a garden?
Rose: No, and it might be noisy, because it’s so central.
Jack: I think I prefer that other one.
Rose: Me too. Shall I write and find out if it’s free?
Jack: Yes, do.  If it is, we’ll book the _____________.



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