where do babies come from ?


And this is ____________
– What do you do?
– I am a ___________________
– What do you do with them?
– I _________________
– Deliver?
– When the woman has the baby ________________, then I go in and I _____________
– No you don’t. Everybody knows that the ______ brings the baby.
– Who-who told you that?
– My daddy.
– Okay. Well, the _____ puts the baby ________________… and then I go in and I _______________.
– Ah aah. The stork _________________to the hospital, drops it in the _______.
– So you’re saying that the baby is not inside the mummy? Then why is it that the mother ______________?
– Because she eats _____________.
– Now let me get this straight. You say that the stork carries over, puts the baby in the bassinet, and the mother is real big because she _____________?
– You got it!
– I see. Well, then why is it that the mother __________ to the hospital?
– The stork brings the baby to the hospital, __________in the bassinet. The mummy goes to the hospital and gets it.
– If the stork does all that, why doesn’t the stork just bring it to the _____________?
– Because it’s too far. His ________will get tired.
– Where does the stork ______ the babies ______?
– Heaven.
– Okay. There is a zillion skillion babies in ____________. How does the stork know ______ baby goes with _____ mother?
– They are in ________. You know, like you go to the baker and __________.
– Why when I put my hand on the mother I can feel ________________ all around?
– That’s not a baby.
– What is it?
– Gas.
– Well, thank you for ____________ it _____me.
– You’re welcome, but you still didn’t tell me what you do.
– I’m in ____________




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