Future forms


Daisy: Oliver’ll be back soon. Did he know you were coming?
Alfie: Yes, we spoke earlier. We _______________ do a bike race so we want to plan our training schedule.
Daisy: That sounds serious. When is it?
Alfie: In about a month. It’ll be hard, but we ______________ do loads of training – long-distance rides at weekends and shorter rides during the week.
Daisy: Wow! But you won’t be training every day, will you?
Alfie: That’s what we ________________ talk about now.
Daisy: In here. Want some tea? Do you want some, Alfie?
Alfie: Yeah, please. No sugar for me – I’m in training!
Oliver: Right. I ________________ get a pen so we can write our plan down.
Daisy: Amy’s coming round. We __________________ a film – want to join us?
Oliver: Yeah, maybe..

(Later …)
Oliver: What ____________________watch?
Daisy: We haven’t decided. Maybe the new Matt Damon one … or a romcom.
Alfie: If you choose the Matt Damon, I __________, but I won’t if it’s the romantic one.
Oliver: What’s the Matt Damon one about?
Daisy: The Second World War.
Oliver: A war film! Oh no.
Amy: Come on, __________be good. It’s had great reviews.
Oliver: Ah, all right then.
Daisy: Mum’ll be phoning soon. Should we wait until after her call?
Amy: Good idea. Where is she?
Oliver: Egypt. In Alexandria, but she ______________south tomorrow. To Luxor, I think.
Amy: Isn’t she stopping in Cairo?
Daisy: I think so, yeah. How’s the planning?
Oliver: Ah, well. We _____________________ do the race! We ________ ready. And Alfie wants to put sugar in his tea again!
Daisy: That’ll be Mum.
Oliver: I’ll get it.
Alfie: And we ________ the popcorn ready, right Amy?
Amy: Let’s do it.



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