Hansel and Gretel



where did the woodcutter live?

Was he remarried?

What horrible idea did his wife have?

Who overheard this terrific plan?

How did the children feel when they were left alone in the deep forest?

what did they do to go back home?

how did their stepmother feel when she saw them again?

why did the children get lost this time?

who did the cottage belong to?

where was Hensel locked ?

what was Gretel made do?

what did Gretel do in order to save themselves from death?

what had the woodcutter done to his wife when his children returned home?



crumbs migajas

crust  corteza

wicked  malvada

wickedness maldad

embedded incrustrado

wrack  ruina

shove  empujón

leaning forward  asomarse

grumble refunfuñar




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