If you are resident you will find it useful to open a ______  _______. All the large banks and most building societies have a __________ of branches across the country and all _________similar services.

A visit to any one of them will be a friendly experience, although to open an account, be prepared to prove your _________in a number of ways. You will find your passport _________, but the bank will also want to see some form of ________ that you are living where you say you are. This can be ________ __ a housing rent book, a Council Tax, water or electricity _____ for the property, as long as it’s ___ ___ ______. In the bank, and elsewhere, you may hear the term ‘utility bill’ – this simply refers to bills relating to the provision of ________ to your property such as electricity, gas, water and telephone.

There are other local facilities such as credit unions where you can _____ your money and have access to affordable low cost ______. Where they exist in your local area, contact details can be obtained from the Citizen’s Advice Bureau.




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