I wanna talk about m y life in the UK


I wanna talk about my life in UK. I went ____________ in the UK a few years ago. The most exciting ________ is that I went to a host family for my Christmas holiday in _________. I went there alone…on a ____, it took me one or ____ hours to get there, to York and then I stayed there for _______. This was the first time that I ________ with a UK family which I learnt a lot from them. They treat me ____ a family member, they ____me out to eat, to play and to see all the different interesting ______ of their region. On Christmas Day, they even bought me some presents to _________the Christmas.

When I went back to Oxford, which was the place that I stayed for that year, I had a chance ______ in a Chinese school every Sunday. The kids are about ­­­­­____years old and I taught them Chinese. They were all very _____but they all speak (spoke) in English. I spent lots of time to ________ them to speak in Cantonese.

During my study (studies) in the UK, I lived with few other students from different ___________. They are very nice and we use to cook on our own just like a big family. Every day we will go to…every day we ______ to supermarkets to buy food and drinks and ________. We cooked every day…I was not a good cook, normally I just put everything into _______. And I’ve tried to bake a cake before but failed and they all ______at me. And every time when I bake a ______, they never taste it. We _____ a flat together – we share kitchen, bathrooms but we do have our own ______ and bedroom. The life in the UK is quite relaxing besides study because you can ______ more and do different activities at school or even some other extracurricular activities.

After I come back (to) Hong Kong, I still __________ with all my friends in the UK, from different countries like Italy, Malaysia, Japan, UK and other countries. Sometimes we even send email(s) to ________, sometimes they may come to Hong Kong to visit and we will meet _________ again.

I really enjoy the time in the UK, I hope you will also have ________ to explore more in other different countries in the future.


True or False

The speaker spent Christmas with her host family

It took her 3 hours to get to York

She learnt a lot from them

She found a job as a waitress in Oxford

She wasn’t a very good cook

After she came back to Hong Kong, she still keeps touch with all her friends




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